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We here at The Little Flooring Company are proud to provide customers with an excellent product range and customer service experience with all kinds of flooring, including solid wood flooring.

We have an extensive range of floor and wall tiles, solid and engineered wood flooring, and anything else you could need. If you are looking for traditional solid wood flooring, then you should visit our West Kirby-based store. Solid wood flooring adds a touch of class, character, and warmth to any room in your home. We sell a variety of solid hardwood flooring in a range of finishes, lengths, widths, and colours.

We offer all kinds of flooring solutions to suit all types of styles and tastes, from rustic to more modern. There’s plenty of wood to choose from, including birch, oak, and walnut. We want to provide you with nothing but the best solid wood flooring to leave your home looking the very best it can.

Solid wood flooring is an excellent alternative to laminate flooring which creates beautiful looks from contemporary to traditional. Hardwood floors have become popular in recent years because of how attractive they are with the tongue and grooves, not to mention how easy they are to install and maintain.

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Solid Wood Flooring Uses

Solid wood floors come in a range of different constructions and our range includes many different types of wood. The choice of construction determines which kind of subfloor it can be installed over. Keep the type of subfloor you have in mind, and on what floor of the house you want to install the hardwood floors on to make the right choice.

For example, there are some rooms where moisture is a factor. Moisture variations could cause gapping or warp the wooden floor. That is why you should avoid installing a solid wood floor in a bathroom because of the fluctuating moisture levels of bathrooms. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations about moisture before choosing and installing a hardwood floor. You can use moisture barriers to protect hardwood floors against moisture further.

In general, hardwood floors can be installed over concrete or plywood and can be used for all kinds of rooms. Get in touch with us to learn more about the types of solid wood floors we offer, and where the best place to have them is.

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